Gauge Wheel Arm


A standard feature on our Norseman Planters, the Norseman Roller Bearing Gauge wheel arm is available as a retrofit kit for  John Deere and Harvest International Planters.

Featuring the industry standard 40mm double roller bearing this arm kit replaces one of the worst wear points on todays Double disc opener planters. Long life, no grease points and positive wheel adjustment make the Norseman roller bearing Gauge wheel arm kit a must have item on your planter.


Time spent greasing and adjusting OEM Gauge wheel arms on your planter is time that should be spent planting. 

This kit  requires no daily maintenance and holds your planter gauge wheels in constant contact with you Opener blades.
With optimal planting windows getting tighter and tighter in recent years the Norseman Roller Bearing Gauge Wheel Arm Kit offers great ROI.

Gauge Wheel


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